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About the CD - Creating the Conditions for a Good Night's Sleep

Get to Sleep Quickly and Easily with Sleep Soundly NOW!
What this CD does....... Silence your inner dialogue - those conversations you have with yourself about the days events and even tomorrows possibilities. All that time spent talking to yourself about your day, your appearance, your finances, your achievements, your relationship, your children, your jobs list and your dreams. Most of these inner conversations are unrelentingly critical of the self, and because of this your inner critic becomes really good at keeping you awake.

Please use your CD for a minimum of 30 days. Amazing results will be yours when you learn to control your inner critic and the inner dialogue that stops you from finding your inner peace, inner harmony and sleep like you've never known before!

This is quite possibly the greatest natural sleep remedy ever created! And I promise you will soon reach the deepest levels of sleep, and have the greatest nights sleep, than you have for a very long time. You'll notice this because the difference when you wake up feeling completely refreshed and energized will be amazingly intense.

The CD is the final phase in preparing yourself to go to bed and bring you to a wonderful, peaceful sleep. But leading up to that time is also very important, so I would like to just give you an idea of the kinds of things you can do that will prepare you to sleep deeply and for the correct length of time.

You do not have to do any of these things. It would be wrong of me to encourage you to make these into some kind of mantra. The desperation that comes with insomnia means that too many of us bring superstition and ritual into our pre-night time routines. So we are not talking about lighting candles, turning lights on and off 3 times, leaving taps dripping, dancing a jig or praying to the god of dream sleep.

All of these suggestions have practical scientific reasoning behind them and includes an explanation that shows you why this might be a good idea.

Have a warm bath. A warm bath will raise your core body temperature. That is not to say that a shower won't do the same, but the idea of the bath is that you generally allow yourself more time to unwind. As you cool down over the next few hours, your falling temperature triggers a sleep switch that not only allows you to fall asleep more easily, but which lasts well into the night, even to the 3rd sleep cycle, which is heading towards the morning and sunrise.

The point here is that the warmth of the water is the important thing. If you then want to include some lovely fragranced candles, bath bombs, foamy soap and bubble bath or aromatherapy oils, go ahead and enjoy yourself. Adding a drop or two of Roman Chamomile or Lavender to your bathwater is lovely if you're not allergic to them, and natural bath salts are great for relaxing tired, aching muscles.

Have you taken any exercise today? If not, why not? Just a short, brisk walk, take the stairs or dance around your kitchen to a favourite track, would help. If you're about to go to bed, then it's probably a little late. Just promise yourself that from now on a few minutes a day, to take a little exercise. End of lecture.

The condition of your bed. If you have had insomnia for a long time, check your mattress for hard lumps or sagging springs. If it's old consider replacing it for a new supportive one. Pillows too can lose their 'spring' and softness. Find a pillow that is comfortable for your neck and head.

Noise and other distractions. There is something unnatural about total silence, but anything above 'normal' background noise levels should be avoided. DVD players on standby can keep discs spinning, while radiators and boilers can clank and bang. Noisy neighbours can be a real pain in the neck, but the answer there may be ear plugs. Many people like to drop off to light, quiet music, and of course, if you also include the guided visualization and a soft encouraging voice, my insomnia CD comes under this heading.

Light and other distractions. Use subdued lighting as you are slowing down and relaxing towards sleep. This will help trigger your sleep switch. Decide what works best for you, total darkness, or a soft light, such as one of those night lights that plug into a socket. Some of these cost only pence a year to run and are well worth it, to light your way to the bathroom for instance, without having to turn on bright lights. Modern phones have those annoying flashing led's on them (usually red, which is worse because of our associations of red with danger) if you miss a call, and are so distracting in the darkness.

Avoid stressful conversation and other activities. Telling a partner you are unhappy in the relationship, or that one of your children is being bullied at school, will NOT induce a desire to sleep (unless you're male of course, then talk about insufficient love, flowers, kisses and cuddles will have you asleep in 5 seconds flat). Never take your anger to bed, your tax return, the telephone, coffee or anything else that will get your adrenaline up.

Humidity is a factor. High humidity can cause you to feel clammy. When combined with higher temperatures, this causes sweating which is very uncomfortable.

Too high, or too low temperature. Keep your bedroom at a comfortable temperature, which for sleeping means slightly lower than the ambient temperature of the rest of the house, such as the lounge. High or low extremes of temperature in a bedroom affect the quality and quantity of sleep, causing you to take longer to drop off, cause a disturbed sleep pattern, and a reduction in dreamtime and healing time.

Play your CD. Finally, retire to bed and play your CD quietly in the background as you drop off to sleep. The track lasts for around an hour, but this is to give you time to fall asleep and to let the voice and the music carry you gently, but assuredly, into that first phase of your sleep cycle.

If you have been suffering with chronic insomnia, then promise to do this for 30 nights. Really commit to doing this for 30 days. Feel the fullness and richness of a deep night's sleep. It may not take 30 days, it may only take 10, but choose this gift of sleep and truly find your way to health and happiness.

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