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Is natural sleep really possible? I've wasted so much time trying new things and zany ideas, that I'm a bit sceptical. I've had insomnia for so long now it seems like a way of life to me, and I have found no way out. Can your CD help me?

Please let me say that I think it can, yes. The reasons I think it can, and will, are set out below.

All of us are different, and all of us have our own reasons for our insomnia. Some are new to insomnia, and some of you will have lived with your insomnia for a decade or two. But so often, what is also true, is that there are some common features that all insomnia sufferers share.

The points that follow are in no particular order of importance, and some, if not all, will be relevant to you to a greater or lesser degree. What they are intended to show is that you can return to a natural sleep cycle. It needn't be as hard as you think right now, and I honestly think the CD will help change your mind, help you free yourself from the grip of insomnia, and return you to a natural sleep cycle.

  • Sleep problems arise because your sleep cycle has been disrupted. There is usually an emotional component to this disruption.

  • A one-off sleepless night is not insomnia and is usually rectified the next day, firstly by you slowing down, and secondly by having an enforced, deeper night's sleep the following night.

  • Insomnia comes from the Latin words for “no sleep” and is characterized by: difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep, waking up too early and poor quality ("non-restorative") sleep.

  • Listen to the CD every night until you see a change in your sleep pattern, and a restoration of your natural sleep cycle.

  • Only use your CD when you are in bed and wish to go to sleep. This creates an association in your mind of playing the CD + lying in bed + closed eyes + snuggled up warm and cosy = a desire for sleep.

  • The idea here is to improve the quality of your sleep, the depth of your sleep, the length of your sleep and show an increase in the energy renewal that you get from sleep, the way nature intended.

  • There are two types of insomnia, which can be grouped into primary and secondary (comorbid), insomnia.
    • Primary insomnia is a sleep disorder not attributable to a medical, psychiatric, or environmental cause. It is its own disorder. A number of life changes can trigger primary insomnia, such as long-lasting stress or emotional upset. Even if these issues are resolved, the insomnia might not go away.

    • The most common type is secondary insomnia. This type of insomnia is a symptom or side effect of an emotional, neurological, or other medical or health condition that interferes with sleep. Secondary insomnia also may result from using certain medicines or substances, such as caffeine.

  • We spend on average 30% of our lives in bed, and some of us even manage to get a good night's sleep.

  • There are several types of sleep problem. Can't get to sleep, keep waking up during the night, and wake up too early in the morning. Some people have all three.

  • To make change, you have to want change, and you have to do change. Your CD is the key to making that happen.

  • Do I have to believe in meditation? Not at all.

  • How often should I listen to the CD? The audio works because it helps you reset your internal sleep clock. The best way to make change and fine tune the results is to keep doing it. I recommend you use your CD everyday for 30 days to ensure the new sleep habit is well and truly installed.

  • Suffering with insomnia? It's not your fault! Insomnia can become depression, or depression can become insomnia when you feel life is out of control and there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable.

  • Using the CD audio will help to restore your natural, healthy sleep patterns. Using it regularly will give your unconscious mind the signal to sleep.

  • What happens if the house alarm goes off, or the fire alarm, or my children wake up with nightmares? Will I hear them? Yes, definitely. Provided there is nothing wrong with your hearing, your unconscious mind will rouse you if it becomes necessary.

  • If I am so deeply asleep as you say, what happens if I need to use the loo? Again, as long as there is no medical reason for incontinence, your unconscious will wake you in time to visit the bathroom, just as it has always done. However, what you will find is that you will be able to drop off to sleep again much more easily.

  • What is the unconscious mind? To understand the unconscious mind, you also need to understand the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the mind that you use to make daily decisions, and decisions that change rapidly. When to prepare dinner, the words you use when writing a letter, or email, what you decide to watch on TV. The conscious mind has severe limitations in that it can only think of one or two things at once.

    The body is a lot more complex than that and we require that many physical processess go on all at once, regardless of whether we think about them or not. But just go back to our examples for a moment. Your unconscious mind tells you you're hungry, your conscious mind decides what to eat. When you flick through channels, something sparks pleasure in you when you see something you might like, your conscious mind changes channels.

    We breathe without thinking, our heart beats regardless and we digest our food automatically. So our unconscious mind steers us toward pleasure, and away from pain, and also controls everything about us, even the number of times we blink.

    Whenever we learn a new task, such as typing on a keyboard, or driving a car, it serves us better if a lot of these activities become automatic. So after much practice, you eventually know where all the letters are on a QWERTY keyboard, and you instinctively know when to brake, steer, change gear and signal in your car. Your unconscious mind is your very own 'auto pilot' and enables you to do things without conscious thought.

    We sometimes call these actions 'habits' or learned behaviour. Most of the time habits are good. If you need to get up at a certain time and you set an alarm, eventually you may find you wake up a few seconds before the alarm goes off. Some habits are not so good. Smoking, over-eating, drinking, getting angry when we don't get our own way. Insomnia is another example of a bad habit which developed from learned behaviour.

    Just as you can stop smoking, or learn to control your anger, so to can you change the habit of insomnia. Using the CD regularly will help you change the cellular memory of the bad habit of insomnia, and replace it with the easily acquired good habit of sleep and quality rest. Once you get satisfaction from a few good night's sleep your unconscious mind will steer you toward the pleasure of it and away from the pain of insomnia.

  • How long will this take to work? Rule 1: Don't expect it to work overnight. There's a good reason for that which I'll tell you about in a minute. Rule 2: Be realistic. It took weeks, months, and sometimes years to establish and recognize your insomnia.

    You may not have realized that your insomnia has long since contributed to your headaches, eye pain, angry feelings, depression, drinking, over-eating, lack of concentration, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), body pain, muscle pain, joint pain, fibromyalgia, constipation, circulatory disorders, a compromised immune system and other symptoms of illness. However, with improvements in sleep pattern all of these symptoms will gradually subside and show signs of recovery.

    What's this about rule 1? In all things new, your unconscious will be on the look out for your safety and everything is suspect until proven innocent. Your new CD has to pass the safety test first, just like everything else, which is why it may take a day or two for your unconscious to realize that you are not in any danger, and allow your body to reset it's own sleep clock.

  • Why must I sleep? The body is a complex organism composed of billions and billions of cells and these need to be fuelled, repaired, and waste products removed on a continual basis. This mainly happens during the night.

  • When your sleep is disturbed, your body and mind get stressed, exhausted and run down. You can be caught in a downward spiral toward illness and depression. Our aim with this sleep audio is to restore your basic sleep pattern.

  • The phases of sleep. There are two distinct states of sleep and reflect the degree of brain activity.

    • Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (nonREM) is light sleep or Slow Wave Sleep. This is divided into three stages of progression.

      • Light sleep, when you first drop off, and can come out of easily with only a whisper.

      • True sleep, is little deeper and it becomes more difficult to awaken with outside influence.

      • Slow Wave Sleep or delta sleep. The brain slows down, and you reach here at around 20 minutes, and lasts for around 2 hours. This is the energizing, recuperative sleep, when the body sets about repairing damage to itself, and activating the immune system to fight off any diseases and restore health.

    • Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM) is when your eyes move around under your eyelids and is a form of active sleep. This is when you have your most vivid dreams. And is also when the mind is making sense of the previous day, cataloguing, organizing and filing away the ideas, thoughts, impressions, actions and speech of the previous day. This sleep is fairly light in nature and the mind is racing.

      It is as if you are awake but the muscles are virtually immobilized, which prevents you acting out your dreams (and clonking the person sleeping next to you). Virtually all the muscles of mobility are prevented from firing, and only your organs and eye muscles are left unaffected. If you wake during this phase it can be quite startling and therefore difficult to get back to sleep.

  • You will go through several phases of light and heavy sleep during the course of any one night.

  • Do not go to bed until you are tired. Delay in the onset of sleep is frustrating, confusing and habit forming.

  • Try to get some exercise every day. When the body doesn't work it can't burn fat and stores it instead. Exercise also increases oxygen to the body which heals, repairs and drives out toxins from the cells. Toxicity in muscles and tissue causes discomfort and pain which keeps us awake.

  • Don't drink tea, coffee or coke, or 'energy drinks' after tea time. I need to include alcohol in this list, but at the same time note the resistence by most people who think a night-cap is a good thing.

    Alcohol will not help you sleep for long. You might drop off while your body process the alcohol, because of the shut-down effect poison has on the body, but you will wake again as soon as the process is complete. Don't eat sugary food in the evening. Sugar will give you an energizing 'rush', just when you want the opposite.

  • Don't eat late at night and have your last meal 3-4 hours before going to sleep.

  • Try to reduce your caffeine intake overall.

  • Alcohol causes sleepiness because of the depressive effect is has on the nervous system. It is also a poison and the sleepiness is caused by the body expending energy to flush the toxin from the cells, to the exclusion of everything else, including your balance, thoughts, speech, reasoning, eyesight and reaction time, which all suffer.

    Alcohol dehydrates the body. It does this because the body's defences use water to dilute the alcohol and then has to flush the contaminated water from the system. This causes you to wake up soon after sleeping, thirsty and in need of a pee. And, is also the reason you have a headache. The body has taken water from everywhere it can and used it to flush the alcohol, and your hangover is just a water deficiency.

  • Make sure your room is dark and your bed is comfortable. If the dark scares you, a very soft night light can be plugged into an electric socket. At about 4-8 watts, these lights run for pennies a year, and are just enough to light your way to the bathroom, or to light up night shadows and dark corners.

  • Dealing with worries. Worry produces destructive chemicals in the body and thoughts about them keep us awake. Use the directions in the CD to eliminate these worries until another time when you can process them and deal with them more appropriately.
  • As your sleep pattern returns to normal, you will find it gains staying power with practice. You will fall asleep much more quickly, easily, deeply and the sleep you do get will be of a much higher quality.

  • Why not order your CD/MP3 today and get started on the road to recovery from insomnia?

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